Hey! I’m Ardelia Lee

Human Design Projector + Guide

It’s time to rediscover your unique energy.

And I can help.

Because here’s the thing: You’re a Human Design Projector! You’re not like the majority of the world. You’re simply a square peg in a round hole…so together, we’re going to change that hole. How? Keep scrolling. 😉

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that enables us to understand and live according to our unique energetic blueprint. We all have a different way of operating in the world, and working with Human Design makes it easier to understand your unique energy and how it works.

What’s a Projector?

A Projector is one of the 5 Human Design types. The Projector type is a non-energy type, meaning you’re not here to work! Projectors tend to make amazing guides, administrators, and mediators, and they tend to be masters of systems. Ready to learn more about being a Projector? Check out the resources below.

Being a Projector in business doesn’t have to be hard.

Introducing the Projector Business Mastermind

This 6-month mastermind is designed to support you as you learn how to integrate your Projector energy into your business strategy. We’re blending strategy and energy to create a business that’s fun, aligned, and profitable.


Create a solid business foundation that works with your Projector energy


Create a marketing plan that's aligned + doable


Create strategic product flows to increase your income + impact


Connect more deeply with your clients so you can create more aligned products + services

Listen to the Podcast

Looking for information, tips, and first-hand experience about being a Projector? Check out the That Projector Life Podcast!

Human Design Reading

This foundational, 60-minute read will acquaint you with the finer points of your unique energy so you can finally begin to live as YOU. 

Join the Projector Pivot Challenge

Looking for something simple that will help you jumpstart your understanding of what it means to be a Projector? That’s what this challenge is all about. 

In just 5 lessons, you’ll learn the basics of your Projector energy and how to work with it. And this challenge is 100% free – all you need to do is implement what you learn – and there’s homework to help with that.  

“Thank you so much for putting in the effort to create it for all of us! I especially loved the list building for Desired Invitations and tracking the Received Invitations (it’s been so fun watching it grow), and creating a list of nourishing & fun things to resort back to while we’re waiting. That’s been so, so incredibly helpful.”

Cassandra Eldridge

About Me

Hey! I’m a Human Design guide, pathfinder, and energetic compass.

I’m here to support and guide you, fellow Projector, as you familiarize yourself with your design and then learn how to actually be a Projector. It’s time to live out your design and stop trying to be the manifestor you aren’t.

I’ll help you release your conditioning and walk with you as you begin to rediscover yourself and your energy so you can finally create and live the life you were designed for.


“I loved my Human Design Reading with Ardelia because she made me feel so seen and affirmed.”

Kelli Tompkins, Human Design Projector

“I had a Human Design Reading with Ardelia and it was so amazing! Everything she said resonated with me and it made so much sense! I understand now why I am the way I am and she offered some really powerful tips on how to be more in flow with my type and my specific energy, how to engage my personal momentum and to flow with that to move forward!”

Shelly Petersen, Human Design Manifesting Generator

Let’s change the way you approach invitations.

Check Out Attract Epic Invitations

This mini-course for Projectors will deepen your understanding of invitations, answer all the invitation-related questions you have, and walk you through how to attract epic invitations.

Learn the 7 broad types of invitations and how to spot them

Learn how to accept an invitation and the boundaries that come with it

Become a powerful force in attracting your own invitations

Learn how to wait in a way that's productive and fulfilling