Hey! I’m Ardelia Lee

Human Design Projector + Guide.

It’s time to rediscover your unique energy and how to work with it. (Also, let’s have some fun!) Becuase Projectors + growth both work better when you can add some fun into the mix.

You’re on an amazing adventure. And I’d be honored to join you as a guide and official snack-bringer.

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That Projector Life is a podcast dedicated to supporting Human Design Projectors on their journey to understand their energy + how to work with it.

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Want to learn more about your unique energy? Schedule a Foundational Human Design Reading. We’ll go over the basics of your Human Design chart and how you can work with your energy.

Get Free Resources

Want to learn even more about Human Design? Check out the free resources available to you. (I’m talking 2 free challenges, a free course + a Facebook group!)

What’s a Projector?

If you have no idea what a Projector is, but you found yourself here anyway, I got you! Let’s break this down.

A Projector is one of the 5 types of people found in the Human Design System. The Human Design System (also affectionately shortened to HD) is a tool or modality that we can use to help us better understand how our energy works. 

If you’re a Projector, that means your energy tends to work well when you wait for an invitation and recognition. And that statement right there tends to create a ton of hangups for Projectors (understandably so). 

That’s why I’m here. I support Human Design Projectors as they learn more about their energy and what it means for them to be a Projector.

Human Design Is a Tool

Just like any other system, Human Design is a tool to help us better understand ourselves. It’s one of many frameworks that can make it easier to relate to, work with, and nourish our energy. My work (in both HD and astrology) is geared toward Projectors.

You Know Best

I fully believe that you know best when it comes to your own energy. I also completely support experimenting to find what works. So take what you learn, apply it, and see what fits you. Take what fits and leave (or tweak) what doesn’t.

You're on a Journey

This is a process of self-discovery and growth. You may even have to unlearn some stuff (or a lot of stuff). It may not always be pretty, and it may not always be easy (and that’s ok!). I’m here for you.

About Ardelia

I’m a Human Design guide, pathfinder, and energetic compass.

I’m here to support and guide you, fellow Projector, as you familiarize yourself with your design and then learn how to actually be a Projector. It’s time to live out your design and stop trying to be the manifestor (or generator) you aren’t.

I’ll help you release your conditioning and walk with you as you begin to rediscover yourself and your energy so you can finally create and live the life you were designed for.