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And by doing so, we’ll create something new that’s all yours – a business that works in alignment with your energy. Because here’s the thing – there are solid business strategies out there…but the ones you’ve heard haven’t come from Projectors. That means you’re trying to fit your unique energy into a box that wasn’t built for it.

This Projector Business Challenge offers you an opportunity to consider your energy needs and mechanics while you revamp (or build) your business from the ground up.

You’re a Projector. Run your business like one.

Inside the Challenge

A more in-depth breakdown of the lessons


The Projector Business Challenge is designed to support and guide you as you learn how to use your Projector energy in your business. Every 3 days, you’ll receive access to a new day of the challenge – that way, you have time to process and implement what you’re learning.

Day 1 - Connecting With Your Business

Day 1 – Connecting With Your BusinessWe start the challenge by helping you connect with your business on an energetic level so you can receive messages and feedback about what’s going on beneath the surface.

Soul of Business Meditation

How to Audit Your Business (Facebook Live Recording)

Day 2 - Identifying Your Clients

Day 2 – Identifying Your ClientsIn Day 2, we walk through how you can identify and get to know your clients as a Projector. No super-detailed client avatars here. Just you having fun and observing who’s drawn to you.

How to Create Solutions for Your Clients (Facebook Live  Recording)

Day 3 - Structuring Your Business

Day 3 – Structuring Your BusinessThis lesson encourages you to consider the structure of your business and what your energy needs from it. I’ll offer several different business models or structures, and you get to pick and choose which one(s) your energy is drawn to.

Day 4 - Creating Flow

Day 4 – Creating FlowThis lesson is all about creating product flows and energetic pathways through your business. The better you can connect your products or services, the longer clients will stay in your business, which translates to more income + more impact for you.

How + Why to Create a Product Flow (Facebook Live Recording)

Day 5 - Marketing Your Business

Day 5 – Marketing Your BusinessThis day will help you lay the groundwork for the creation of your marketing plan as a Projector. The ultimate goal? Keeping marketing fun + aligned.

How to Create Content That Connects and Converts (Facebook Live Recording)

About the Challenge


12 Lessons

3 hours of video content

Create a Business that Supports You

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After the Challenge

What’s going to change?


The Projector Business Challenge is meant to help you learn about your Projector energy and how to translate it into a business setting. It’s definitely going to take some experimenting and tweaking to find what works for you. But once you go through this challenge, you’ll learn…


How to market as a Projector (and have fun doing it).


How to create energetic and strategic flows in your business.


How to connect with your business on an energetic level.


When do I get access to the course materials?

You get access to day 1 of the challenge immediately after you enroll. After that, new lessons will unlock every 3 days. (We’re working on waiting and giving you some extra space to integrate what you’re learning.) 

Once you’ve gone through all 5 days of the challenge, you’ll have access to all of the lessons forever. So you can go back through it at any point.

How much does the challenge cost?

Nothing! It’s free. 🙂

What if I have a question during my time in the challenge?

You’re always welcome to reach out if you have questions, comments, or feedback on the challenge. My contact details are in the challenge itself.

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