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Where Projectors learn, experiment, and grow.

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The Human Design system itself is amazing, but it can also be so complex and layered that it can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re a Projector.

As a Projector, you’re told that you have to wait for the invitation. But what does that really mean in your everyday life? How can you truly be a Projector? Is it really that simple?

The Projector Academy is here to help you answer all those questions and more through courses, challenges, and other resources.

The mission for this space is to empower Human Design Projectors to learn what works for them, how their unique energy works, and what that can look like in their lives.

This is also a safe space for experimenting and making mistakes. (I’m a huge fan of mistakes, which is good, because I make a lot.)

Ready to get started? Check out the courses and challenges available below.

Choose Your Adventure

Get started learning with the courses below

The Projector Pivot Challenge

Learn how to start working with your Projector energy over just 12 days.


Attract Epic Invitations

Learn the essentials of invitations, recognition, and waiting so you can attract invitations with ease.


Projector Business Bundle

Learn how to create a sales page, content strategy, + aligned launch using your Projector energy.


Human Design Relationships Masterclass

Dive into the Composite Chart and learn how to approach your relationships based on their energetics.


How Does the Academy Work?

The Projector Academy is meant to be a place where Human Design Projectors can go to find courses and challenges to support them in their journey. There are both free and paid resources available, and when you enroll in a course, you receive lifetime access.

The Academy is built on flexibility. Projectors don’t always have consistent energy, and we need time to rest and integrate what we’ve learned. For that reason, there are no time-limited courses here. You’re free to move through each course as you have the energy, time, and space to do so.

This is a personalized, self-study experience that gives you the freedom to explore these courses and experiment with what you’re learning. Use these resources as a launching point – see what works for you!

Keep in Mind

Fun is important

Most, if not all, of the courses will mention fun at one point or another. It’s so important to enjoy life.


Listen to your energy

Remember, flexibility is key, so if you don’t align with something in a course, tweak it to see what works for your energy.

You are the key

You’ll find some of the answers to your questions here. But never forget that you’re the one who holds your deepest truths.

Need More Support?

If you want some guidance on how best to work with your energy, consider booking a Human Design Mentoring Session. I offer both one-off sessions and longer-term support, depending on what you want. Either way, mentoring is a great way to receive guidance as you learn about and experiment with your design.