Courses for Projectors

Learn + grow on your timeline
Change your relationship with invitations.

Attract Epic Invitations

This mini-course for Projectors will deepen your understanding of invitations and walk you through how to attract epic invitations as a Projector. Essentially, we’re plugging the gaps in your invitation knowledge so you can confidently approach invitations. (No more feeling stuck, frustrated, or disappointed.)

Imagine knowing what to look for when it comes to invitations – and being able to energetically connect with the ones that are aligned with you! Ready to dive into invitations? Enroll in the course for just $37.

Learn the 7 broad types of invitations and how to spot them

Learn how to accept an invitation and the boundaries that come with it

Become a powerful force in attracting your own invitations

Learn how to use your bitterness to help you get back into alignment

Learn to identify what are and what aren’t invitations

Learn to identify outside conditioning influences

Become familiar with your own energy + understand how it works in the world

Want to go deeper on your own?

DYPM Self-Study

The Discover Your Projector Magic Self-Study version is ideal for Projectors who want to learn more about how their own energy works on their own time. With 6 pre-recorded lessons + tons of bonus content, this course will keep you busy for a while. When you enroll in this version of DYPM, you receive access to all the lessons immediately.