Learn on Your Own Timeline

Learn the Invitation Types

I’ve realized there are 7 broad types of invitations, and this course will cover what they are and how they appear. (This can help take some of the guesswork out of whether or not something is an invitation.)

Learn How to Connect

Invitations aren’t just nebulous things that pop into existence. Each invitaiton has an energetic resonance all its own. This course will help you learn how to connect with that energy to ensure the invitaiton is aligned with you.

Learn the Boundaries

Did you know that invitations come with boundaries? And that’s actually a good thing! Boundaries keep you from over-extending your energy and straying out of alignment. We’ll talk about how to spot boundaries and how to work within them.

Attract Epic Invitations

This course for Projectors will deepen your understanding of invitations and walk you through how to attract epic invitations as a Projector. Essentially, we’re plugging the gaps in your invitation knowledge so you can confidently approach invitations. (No more feeling stuck, frustrated, or disappointed.)

Imagine knowing what to look for when it comes to invitations – and being able to energetically connect with the ones that are aligned with you! Ready to dive into invitations? Enroll in the course for just $37.