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Dive into the energetics behind recognition, invitations, waiting, and more.

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Let’s Talk Invitations

Cuz they don’t have to be frustrating anymore.


How would you rate your understanding of invitations on a scale from master to newbie? Maybe a “I kind of know what I’m doing, but still unsure if some of these are invitations.”

Or maybe you’re just flat-out confused and struggling to understand invitations, so you feel stuck, not knowing if you can move forward because you’re still wondering if you’ve received an invitation.

Or perhaps you’re doing all the right Projector things to attract invitations…but you still haven’t seen any come in, and that’s got you frustrated, disappointed, and second-guessing yourself.

Maybe you’re the person who’s accepted aligned invitations…but you overstepped the boundaries (that you didn’t know about) and that cost you the invitation.

Changing the way you approach invitations can change all that. That’s what Attract Epic Invitations is here to do.

What’s in Attract Epic Invitations?

Take a peek under the hood

Start Here

Start Here – Download the Workbook – This lesson welcomes you to the coure and provides the workbook for download.

Laying the Foundation

(Video) Lesson 1 – The Energetics of Invitations – We’ll cover the basics of how invitations work and the energetics at play here. We’ll also look at how the Projector aura works and the role it plays in both invitations and recognition.

(Video) Lesson 2 – Recognition’s Role in Invitations – We’ll talk about recognition, what it is, why it’s important, and how you can tell if someone recognizes you. We’ll also look at how recognition differs from validation.

Attracting Invitations

(Video) Lesson 3 – How do You Manifest Invitations?

We’ll compare traditional manifesting with the Projector manifestation process and see where we’ve moved out of alignment in the past. We’ll also cover a broad overview of the Projector manifestation process and zoom into each step in the next lessons in the course.


(Video) Lesson 4 – Getting Clear on Desired Invitations 

This lesson is all about parsing out what’s really aligned for you and what you mind wants when it comes to invitations. We’ll also break down how you can connect energetically with your desired invitations and really feel into whether or not they’re aligned with you. 

(Meditation) Two-Pointing Guided Meditation

(Video) Lesson 5 – How to Wait Like a ProWe’ll talk about the three different ways Projectors can wait and what they look like. We’ll also cover the importance of waiting – why it’s so crucial that Projectors get down time between invitations.

(Meditation) Projector Beacon Meditation

(Meditation) Projector Beacon Meditation – Creating an Invitation Room

Know Your Invitations

(Video) Lesson 6 – What do Invitations Look Like? – This lesson will explore invitations in their different forms. We’ll talk about potential invitations and look at some examples so you have a better idea of what constitutes and invitation and what doesn’t.

(Video) Lesson 7 – How to Accept an InvitationWe’ll talk about the energetics that come into play after you accept an invitation and what boundaries to be aware of. We’ll also answer the question of whether or not invitations can expire or be taken back. 

Riding Into the Sunset

(Video) Lesson 8 – Life Between InvitationsThe final lesson in Attract Epic Invitations is more focused on the daily life of a Projector. So we’ll look at how you can use your energy in the mundane world as you wait for invitations. Yes, this is similar to waiting, but we’re really focusing on the flow of energy here.  

About the Course


12 lessons

3.5 hours of video content

Course workbook for extra support

Harness your Projector aura

And start attracting epic invitations.

Goals for the Course

What will you walk away with?


Attract Epic Invitations is designed specifically for Projectors who want to learn more about invitations, how to work with them, and how their unique Projector energy comes into play. This course places heavy emphasis on both learning and implementing to see what works for your unique energy. After going through and digesting this course, you should…


Know what is and isn’t an invitation, and know which ones have recognition attached to them.


Have a way of energetically connecting with your desired invitations to feel whether or not they’re aligned for you.


Have a manifestation process that’s unique to you and your energy.


Understand the energetics of invitations, including the boundaries that come with each one.

Hear What Students Have to Say

(Invitations? In the bag!)

“I have started your Attract Epic Invitations course, and have created a list of my desired invitations. I was doing the two-pointing exercise today around getting invitations from new customers. I kid you not – 30 minutes after I had done the practice, I received a telephone call from a new customer wanting to join my team! This felt sooooo much better than me chasing new customers!

I’m so excited to continue the coure and learn more about invitations! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.”

Marita Reinholdtsen

“This course has helped me so so so much. I plan to re-start it and watch it at least one more time all the way through. I took notes during most of the videos, but feel like listening to it one more time would really help it all sink in.

I discovered HD right after what has quite possibly been the darkest time of my life. It’s helped me understand myself, my decades of frustrations, accept and love myself, and has kept my mind occupied while processing the trauma I’ve been through recently.

Her approach is so gentle, yet thorough. Exactly what I needed at this time in my life.”

Sandy Zazulak

“It’s easy to understand and very practical. The course really helped me to understand how I can identify an invitation and better manage it. Thank you so much for putting this course together.

Jefferson Lerias

“Ardelia did a great job. This course is totally worth it if you are a Projector starting out on your deconditioning journey.

Francy Real


When do I get access to the course materials?

As soon as you enroll! This course is designed to be accessible when you have the energy and desire to engage with it. It’s a self-study, go-at-your-own-pace course. And once you’ve enrolled, you have lifetime access, so feel free to revisit the course as much as you like.

Just how structured is the framework you use in the course?

The manifestation process that I highlight in the course is meant to be a starting point for you to experiment with. If you like what you see, take it and run with it. If you don’t, that’s ok. Experiment and find what works for your energy. There’s no wrong way for you to attract in invitations if your energy is aligned with it.

What if I have a question during my time in the course?

Even though this course is self-study, I definitely want to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or feedback on the course, you’re always welcome to reach out to me via email or through social (my contact details are in the course).

Connect With Aligned Invitations

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