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Let’s Talk Invitations

How would you rate your understanding of invitations on a scale from master to newbie? Maybe a “I kind of know what I’m doing, but still unsure if some of these are invitations.”

Or maybe you’re just flat-out confused and struggling to understand invitations, so you feel stuck, not knowing if you can move forward because you’re still wondering if you’ve received an invitation.

Or perhaps you’re doing all the right Projector things to attract invitations…but you still haven’t seen any come in, and that’s got you frustrated, disappointed, and second-guessing yourself.

Maybe you’re the person who’s accepted aligned invitations…but you overstepped the boundaries (that you didn’t know about) and that cost you the invitation.

Changing the way you approach invitations can change all that.


Know what to look for

With Attract Epicv Invitations, you won’t be floundering in the dark, trying to find out if you’ve just received an invitation or not.

Know how to accept an invitation

Yes, invitations come with boundaries! This course will help you learn how to find them and not overstep them.

Energetically connect with inivtations

This ensures they’re aligned with you and gives your magnetic powers an extra boost while you’re at it. 


Feel confident in your understanding

No more second-guessing yourself or your authority. No more wondering if an invitation is aligned with you. You’ve got this invitation thing down.

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What Is Attract Epic Invitations?

It’s a mini-course for Projectors that will deepen your understanding of invitations and walk you through how to attract epic invitations as a Projector.

Essentially, we’re plugging the gaps in your invitation knowledge so you can confidently approach invitations. (No more feeling stuck, frustrated, or disappointed.)

This self-study, go-at-your-own pace course is available immediately after you enroll! (No waiting on new lessons to drop. How you go through it is completely up to you.)

You can go through it as many times as you like! In fact, the course itself is set up so that it walks you through a Projector’s manifestation process, so you can use it as you begin (and continue) attracting in invitations.

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