Free Resources

Because sometimes you just need a little direction.

The Projector Pivot Challenge

This is a free 5-lesson challenge that will help you understand your energy and what you can do to work with it. It’s a great place to start learning how to be a Projector.

Join the Group

Looking to connect with your fellow Projectors? Join the Facebook group! There you can learn, ask questions, and form connections with other Projectors.


Understand Your Variables

Ready to dive even deeper into your design and take a look at the variables in your Human Design chart? This 5-part video series will dive into what each variable means and how you can work with them in your life.

Get Mini Coaching

Just starting to dip your toe in Human Design? Want to get a feel for me and my energy before you book any services? Looking for support or just a space to talk things out? This free mini-coaching call is for you!