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The Human Design Basics course is designed for people who are new to the system and don’t know where to start. Over 12 video lessons, you’ll move through the most important, foundational concepts in Human Design. 

By the time you finish the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the 9 centers, the different types, strategies, and authorities, and the profiles. We’ll also talk about how to use the information you’re learning, so you can begin to actually live what you’re seeing in your chart.

The last section in the course shows how to put all of those pieces together when looking at a chart. So if you’ve been wanting to dive into your chart but struggle with that, check out that section!

Having a solid understanding of the basics of this system is crucial. Everything will build on this knowledge and understanding as you move deeper into Human Design.

Course Curriculum

A more in-depth breakdown of the lessons

Start Here

Welcome + Workbook – This lesson welcomes you to the course, lets you know what to expect moving forward, and offers the two course workbooks to download.

The System Foundations

Lesson 1 – The Origins of Human Design – This lesson goes into how the Human Design system came to be. We explore Ra’s encounter with the Voice and then look at each of the major components of the HD system and wher they show up in the BodyGraph. 


Lesson 2 – Human Design Tools – I’ll cover some of my favorite Human Design software tools (both of which offer free options), and I’ll mention some other good resources for quality HD information.

Exploring the Centers

Lesson 3 – The Centers Part 1 (Throat, Root, and Head) – We’ll dive into the first 3 centers in the BodyGraph and talk about each in turn. We’ll cover the energy of the center itself, how it shows up, and what it means to have that center defined and undefined. 

Lesson 4 – The Centers Part 2 (Spleen, Solar, and Ajna) –  This lesson covers the three awareness centers in the BodyGraph, how they work, and the differences between them. We’ll discuss how having these centers defined vs undefined can impact you. 

Lesson 5 – The Centers Part 3 (Identity, Heart, and Sacral) – We finish our journey through the centers with these three. Again, we’ll move through each center and talk about its energetic impact, how it shows up in the world, and what it means when that centers is undefined. 

Type, Strategy, and Authority, oh my!

Lesson 6 – The Five Types and Strategies – We’ll look at each of the five types in Human Design and talk about how they operate in the world through their strategies. 

Lesson 7 – Exploring Authorities – This lesson covers each of the authorities in the Human Design system. We’ll talk about each one specifically and how to work with it. This is a great lesson for learning more about your unique authority.

Definition in the BodyGraph

Lesson 8 – What is Definition? – This lesson lookes at definition in the BodyGraph. We’ll talk about what it is, the different types of definition in Human Design, and how that shows up in your chart and life.

The Profiles + Incarnation Cross

Lesson 9 – The Profile Lines – This lesson offers an overview of the 6 profile lines, including wher you can find them in the BodyGraph. 

Lesson 10 – Right Angle Profiles – We focus exclusively on the Right Angle Profiles here. We’ll walk through each of the profiles and talk about how it impacts the chart. 

Lesson 11 – Juxtaposed + Left Angle Profiles – We move to the remaining profiles in this lesson. Again, we’ll look at how each of the profiles behaves, what it adds to humanity, and how it impacts your HD chart.

Lesson 12 – Intro to Incarnation Crosses – This lesson is simply a brief explanation of what the Incarnation Cross is and its place and importance in Human Design.

Putting It Together

Lesson 13 – Putting It All Together – We’ll walk through a brief reading of several different Human Design charts in this lesson. We’ll look at the different elements we’ve covered in this course and see how they come into play in the BodyGraph. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about how to understand the BodyGraph, this is a good place to start.

About the Course


13 video lessons – 6.5 hours of content

Workbooks for extra support space

Learn the Basics

Start your journey through the Human Design basics with this course, designed for the beginner.

After the Course

Let’s look at life on the other side.


This Human Design Basics course is intended to give you a solid knowledge foundation that you can build on as you move deeper into the system. We’re starting at the very beginning and wading in. After completing and digesting this course, you should…


Have a solid understanding of the 9 Human Design centers and know what it means to have each center defined or undefined (and be able to see it in your life).


Understand the difference between the Human Design types and how best to work with each unique type. (Let’s hear it for respecting differences while working toward a common goal!)


Develop a deeper understanding of your unique Human Design BodyGraph as you begin to really read it and put all the difference pieces together to create the full picture of you!


When do I get access to the course materials?

As soon as you enroll! This course is designed to be accessible when you have the energy and desire to engage with it. It’s a self-study, go-at-your-own-pace course. And once you’ve enrolled, you have lifetime access, so feel free to revisit the course as much as you like.

How much does the course cost?

Human Design Basics is one payment of $129. And once you’ve enrolled, you keep the course for life.

Just how basic is the info in this course?

We cover the foundations of the Human Design system in this course. So if you already have a deep understanding of the 9 centers, the types + strategies, the authorities, definition, and the profiles, this may not be a good fit for you. It’s really targeted towards people who are just diving into the system and want all of this foundational information in one place.

What if I have a question during my time in the course?

Even though this course is self-study, I definitely want to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or feedback on the course, you’re always welcome to reach out to me via email or through social (my contact details are in the course).

Will you be making any changes to this course in the future?

Most likely! The thing about course creation for me is that it’s an ongoing process. As soon as I “finish” creating a course, I see 5 different places where I could make it better. While I may not make those improvements immediately, I do plan to circle around and tweak existing courses to make them even better. And you get access to those improvements as they happen – no need to make any extra payments.

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