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The Human Design Relationships Masterclass


Understand the energetics behind your relationships.


The Human Design Relationships Masterclass guides you through the most important connection areas of the Composite Chart so you can begin to add new levels of understanding to your partnerships.

The Composite Chart in Human Design focuses on only two charts (and two people). In this masterclass, we’ll focus on helping you understand how each connection area in the chart shows up in relationships.

We’ll dive into each area with practical examples and explanations and show how each area builds on and impacts the next one.

What you’ll learn in this masterclass will directly translate into your life and relationships. You’ll get so many insights, ah-has, and “So THAT’S why there’s tension” moments.

Looking at your relationships through the Human Design lens leads to more understanding, acceptance, and peace.

Are you ready to transform how you approach your relationships? Check out what the Human Design Relationships Masterclass offers!

Note: This masterclass assumes you have a solid understanding of the channels in Human Design. (As in, you need to know the energy of each channel in HD and how it shows up in life to get the most from this masterclass.)

Demystify your partnerships.

And approach them with a whole new understanding.

Human Design Relationships Masterclass

Outline and Structure

Welcome + Intro

Intro to Composite Charts – In this video lesson, Ardelia introduces the Composite Chart and the tools you can use to create your own. You’ll learn when Composite Charts can be used as well as the basic format the charts take.

Areas of Connection: Theme, Definition, + Profile

Exploring the Connection Theme – This video lesson dives into the Connection Theme of Composite Charts and how it impacts the closeness of the two people.


Definition in Composite Charts – Ardelia walks you through the importance of definition both in Composite Charts and personal charts. You’ll build on the connection theme with a deeper understanding of how a chart’s definition impacts the connection.


The Profile: Resonance, Harmony, or Dissonance? – This video lesson takes you through the profiles of each person in the Composite Chart. You’ll learn how to spot the three types of profile energies and what that means for the relationship. 

Areas of Connection: Channels

Compromise Channels – In this video lesson, Ardelia talks about what’s probably the most difficult energetic dynamic in a Composite Chart – Compromise Channels. You’ll learn what these channels are, where they show up, and how they impact the relationship.


Dominance Channels – This lesson takes you through the energy behind dominance channels and how to handle them in your relationship. 


Companionship Channels – Ardelia dives into perhaps the rarest kind of channel in Composite Charts – the Companionship Channel. You’ll learn the impact of these channels and why they’re not always a good as they sound. 


Electromagnetic Channels – You’ll wrap up the channels by looking at Electromagnetic Channels. Again, things aren’t always as good as they appear, and you’ll learn about the impact that these channels can have in a relationship.

Composite Chart Dynamics

John Lennon and Paul McCartney Composite Reading – Ardelia does a Composite Chart reading for two members of The Beatles, looking at how their energy can play out. This lesson also serves as a kind of guide through doing a Composite Chart reading for yourself.

✔️9 lessons

✔️2 hours of video content

✔️Thorough and practical dive into Composite Charts

Goals for the Masterclass

What will this help you do?


The Human Design Realtionships Masterclass is designed to help you bring more awareness to your partnerships. It’s really important to understand that you can’t change the energy of the Composite Chart. But you can be aware of it, and the awareness of how your energy plays out is key to bringing peace. At the end of this Masterclass, you should…


Understand the different areas of connection in a Composite Chart and how they show up in real life.


Be able to look at your own Composite Charts and begin to see any relationship struggles in a new light.


Have a new understanding of how to address your relationship struggles and energetics. 


I'm a Human Design newbie. Is this class a good fit?

Probably not. The Human Design Relationships Masterclass assumes that you have a solid understanding of the basics of Human Design (type, strategy, authority, centers) and that you know about more advanced topics (channels and profile). 

The big thing here are the channels. If you don’t understand how channels work in Human Design, or if you don’t know about the energy of channels, you may not benefit from this class.

What prerequisites does this class have?

For you to get the most out of this masterclass, I highly recommend having a detailed understanding of the Human Design basics as well as the channels. 

A good part of the class will be spent on looking at the connection channels in a Composite Chart. 

If you can’t look at a channel and say “Oh, that’s the Channel of Money, it behaves in this way”, then you may not get the most out of this class. 

Will this class help me fix my partner?

Nope. The goal of this class is not to help you “fix” yourself or your partner/child/friend.

This class is here to help bring your awareness to the energy of your relationships. If you know what’s causing the tension, you have a better chance of delaing with it in a healthy way. 

That doesn’t mean your partner or friend won’t still irritate you. They will. But you’ll be able to say “Oh, that’s this Compromise Channel coming into play. It’s not personal. It’s auramechanics” and move on. 

What if I have a question during my time in the course?

Even though this class is self-study, I definitely want to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or feedback on the course, you’re always welcome to reach out to me via email at [email protected] or through social.

Bring Awareness to Your Relationships

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