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Let’s find the answers.

Psssst. The answers are in you. I’m just here to give you a space to talk, to learn about yourself, and to process what you’re learning. But I’m also happy to give advice and offer suggestions for your next steps. (You’ll likely leave our mini-coaching call with homework – so be prepared.)

Why book a call?


You're not sure what to do with Human Design

If you’re struggling with what it means to be a Projector, a mini-coaching call can help you start sorting that out.


You want to see how we work together.

I’m all for you testing out how you feel energetically when you’re working with me. In fact, I need that, too. And there are no commitments after our call, so if things don’t work out, no biggie!

You need some guidance.

During this call, I’m available to answer questions, offer some insights on your unique Human Design, and help you determine your next aligned steps. We’ll get you on your path. 

How Mini Coaching Works

Schedule a Free Call

The first step is to schedule this free call – and don’t forget to include your birth time (AM/PM), birth location, and birth date. You can tell me what you want to focus on when you schedule your call. And if things change between now and then, that’s ok! We’ll roll with it.

Hop on Zoom

At the time of your call, you’ll be able to join your personal Zoom meeting room. Only you will have the link to join your call – and it’s password-protected for your privacy. (And only you will have the password.) Then you and I will chat about what you’re struggling with.

Integrate the Shifts

You’ll probably walk away from your mini coaching call with some homework + action steps to take. As you process what we talked about and what your next steps are, be sure to give yourself plenty of downtime and rest. Your energy is reacting to changes – give it space to do so. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about mini-coaching? Check to see if it’s answered here!

Do I have to be a Projector?

Nope! You can be any Human Design type. I’ll happily sit down and help you figure things out.

Do I have to be a business owner?

Nope! If you do have a business, we can definitely chat about how you can run your business as a Projector if you want. But you don’t have to have a business or even want to start one in order to enjoy this mini-coaching.

I heard on your podcast the mini-coaching was 30 minutes. What happened?

In my early days, the mini-coaching sessions were 30-minutes, but as I got further into things, I ended up needing to change the length of the session. So they’re 20 minutes now. 

Will you read my Human Design chart?

Not during this mini-coaching session. I will ask you for your birth info and have your chart in front of me while we chat, but if you want more detailed info on it, you’ll need to schedule a Human Design Reading.