Mini Coaching Sessions

Just starting out on your self-discovery journey? Book a free call, and we’ll talk more about your energy + help jumpstart your journey twoards alignment.

Let’s get started on this journey together.

And it’s all about you. You’re the star, the map-holder, the padawan learning to use the force. (Ok, ok, but you still get the picture.)

This 20-minute mini coaching session is here so you have a safe space to talk, to learn about yourself, and to process what you’re learning. A lot of people come to these sessions with questions, and I’m happy to answer them.

Other times, people just want to hear a little more about their energy and some concrete next steps to help them live in alignment. I’m happy to suggest potential paths for you. I’m also happy to assign itegration activities like resting and self-care.

But remember that your next steps are always up to you, your energy, and your authority. You always have the last say in your direction.


No sure what to do with Human Design?

If you’re struggling with what it means to be a Projector, a mini-coaching call can help you start sorting that out.


Want to see how we work together?

I’m all for you testing out how you feel energetically when you’re working with me. In fact, I need that, too. And there are no commitments after our call, so if things don’t work out, no biggie!

Just need some guidance?

During this call, I’m available to answer questions, offer some insights on your unique Human Design, and help you determine your next aligned steps. We’ll get you on your path. 

How Mini Coaching Works

Book a Free Call

The first step is to schedule this free call! You can tell me what you want to focus on when you schedule your call. And if things change between now and then, that’s ok. We’ll roll with it.

Hop on Zoom

During our 20 minutes together, we’ll talk about the topics or questions you want to focus on. You’ll lead the conversation, and I’ll offer insights and recommendations based on your energy.

Integrate the Shifts

You may leave your mini coaching call with some homework + action steps to take. As you process what we talked about and what your next steps are, be sure to give yourself plenty of downtime and rest. 

Schedule a free call

Spend 20-minutes 1:1 with me as we talk about your energy, struggles that have come up, and questions that you have.