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Next-Level Human Design Readings

Ready to build on your foundation?

The Next-Level Readings are a great way to really begin to dive into the nitty-gritty details and layers of your design. Each layer adds to your understanding of your design, and it offers you information that you can use to live your most aligned life. 

Currently, I offer two options for Next-Level Readings: a Gates and Channels Reading and a Planetary Reading. Check out the readings below to learn which is best for you.

Peel back the layers and learn something new.

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Gates and Channels Reading

This 60-minute reading focuses on the gates and channels present in your Human Design. During this read, we’ll go into even more depth than the foundational read. Ready to learn even more about the channels and gates present in your design and how they impact you? This read is for you.


More details on the reading

The Gates and Channels Read focuses exclusively on the gates and channels in your chart. We’ll start with the channels you have defined, and we’ll talk about them in more depth. We’ll cover the circuit that they’re in, how that impacts you, and the two gates that make up that channel. Once we’ve covered all of your channels – and talked about how they interact together – we’ll move onto your gates.

We’ll talk through each of your gates, how the profile lines affect them, and the implications that has for your specific design. Yes, we’ll cover dormant gates and how they can impact you. Ready to schedule a read? Just click the book now button.