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Meet the Projector Pivot Challenge

The one that started it all.


This free challenge will walk you through the basics of being a Projector over 12 days. It will hit the high points – the need-to-know info so you can hit the ground running (or waiting).

I’ll be honest. Learning that you’re a Projector can be life-changing (and not always in a good way). But that’s why this challenge is here – to help you figure out what being a Projector really means and what that may look like for you.

After this challenge, you’ll have enough info that you’ll be able to start experimenting on your own and figuring out how you want to live as a Projector.

It’s important to learn, but it’s equally important to live what you learn.

And when you join the challenge, you’re joining over 3,000 fellow Projectors who’ve traveled this path as well. 





What’s Inside the Challenge?

Look what I’ve got for you!

Day 1: What's a Projector?

Day 1: What’s a Projector?
Day 1 Homework: Get Clear on the Invitation(s) you Want
Day 1: Suggested Podcast Episodes
More Human Design Resources

Day 2: How to Wait

Day 2: How to Wait

Day 2 Homework: Wait (And Have Fun!)

Day 2: Suggested Podcast Episodes

Day 3: How to Accept an Invitation

Day 3: How to Accept an Invitation

Day 3 Homework: Homework: Accept an Invitation

Day 3: Suggested Podcast Episodes

Day 4: How to Avoid Bitterness

Day 4: How to Avoid Bitterness

Day 4 Homework: Handle Any Bitterness

Day 4: Suggested Podcast Episodes

Day 5: Putting Your Aura to Work

Day 5: Putting Your Aura to Work

Day 5 Homework: Share Your Knowledge

Day 5: Suggested Podcast Episodes

Ready to Go Deeper?

It’s time to Attract Epic Invitations!

About the Challenge

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17 text lessons

Each lesson includes homework for intergration support!

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Learn about your Projector energy and have fun as you allow this resource to guide you on your journey of self-discovery. 

How Does the Challenge Work?

With Projector energy, of course!


But seriously, it’s based on a timed-release schedule. Every 3 days, you receive access to a new lesson and the integration activity that goes along with it. You get your first lesson immediately after you sign up!

The goal of this challenge is to guide and support you as you adjust to your Projector energy and strategy. It’s meant to help you shift away from what you’re currently doing (which is most likely out of alignment with your Projector vibes) and into what actually works for you as a Projector.

This challenge has also been updated to include relevant That Projector Life podcast episodes, so you can tune into the podcast and listen to a more in-depth discussion on a related topic while you wait for the next day of the challenge to be released.

After the Challenge

Let’s look at life on the other side.


The Projector Pivot Challenge is intended to change the way you operate as a Projector. It’s also meant to help you find your footing and give you a new mindset when it comes to being a Projector. To that end, after you finish the challenge, you should…


Understand your Projector energy and how you can move through the world as a Projector.


Know the basics of your strategy (which is wait for the invitation). You’ll also learn about invitations, why Projectors need them, and how to wait for them. 


Feel more confident when it comes to working with your specific authority to make aligned decisions.


Be able to better handle bitterness if and when it rears its ugly head. 

Hear What Previous Challengers Have to Say

Foundational Projector Insight

“What a succinct and impactful challenge. Whether you’re new or experienced in understanding your Projector-ship lol, the challenge truly reignites the truth of you.”

Jacri Akeem Stubbs

Very Helpful!

“This was a great start and helped me understand why I’ve struggled for so long! Can’t wait to really implement everything I’ve learned and start doing life differently!”

Ashleigh Gomes


“I really enjoyed this course. Having limited knowledge of my projector design, this helped me gain a deeper understanding. Thank you!”

Amilia Stehman

A gentle (yet powerful) message for Projectors

“I really enjoyed the Projector Pivot challenge and its pacing. I’m not new to Human Design, but I am new to following people who share HD – especially for Projectors – in a more empowering way. I’m actually excited to wait, to rest, and to nourish myself. I can see where I was acting outside of my Type and also my strategy, but in a light-hearted way.

Thank you for making Projector-ship feel fun, relaxing, and stoic, even, rather than a curse or just “sit back and wait” but from a frantic place!”

Jocellyn Harvey

Learn How to Work With Your Energy

Join the Projector Pivot Challenge and use it as a springboard to launch you further in your Human Design journey. Learn about your energy and how to work with it. And have fun!