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One of the things I love most about Human Design is it gives us the words to understand and explain how we can be ourselves. But sometimes, it can be a little confusing, especially when you start thinking about how to put what you’re learning into action.

So you know you’re a Projector. Awesome! But how does that change your life? What do you do differently from now on? And what the heck do all of those lines and numbers mean, anyway?

That’s where I come in. I’m all about taking what you’ve learned and helping you apply it to your life. It’s so important to understand the system and to live it.

So that’s what we’ll do together. We’ll deepen your understanding of Human Design and your unique energy, and we’ll discover how you can live what you’re learning.

I offer both Human Design Readings and mentoring sessions, so you can choose what you need in this moment.

You have the answers. I’m just here to help you uncover them.

Human Design Readings

Looking to learn more about your unique energy and how to live + work with it? Check out the readings that I offer. They’ll help you understand your energy and how you can begin to work with it.

Human Design Mentoring

Need more support actually living and working with your design? That’s what my mentoring sessions are for! Here, you’ll have the support + space to grow, learn, and process.

Free Mini Coaching

Just starting to dip your toe in Human Design? Want to get a feel for me and my energy before you book any services? Looking for support or just a space to talk things out? This free mini-coaching call is for you!

During our 20-minute call, we’ll video chat via Zoom about whatever it is you need support with. If you have a specific question about your Human Design, we can talk about that.

If you want to know more about how to live as a Projector, we can talk about that, too.

This is all about giving you the support and direction you need with no strings attached.

How This Works

Schedule Your Call

The first step is to schedule this free call. You can tell me what you want to focus on when you schedule. And if things change between now and then, that’s ok! We’ll roll with it.


Hop on Zoom

At the time of your call, you’ll be able to join your personal Zoom meeting room. Then you and I will chat about what you’re struggling with and give you space to process.

Integrate the Shifts

You’ll probably walk away from your mini coaching call with some homework + action steps to take. As you process what we talked about and what your next steps are, be sure to rest.