Where business strategy meets Projector energy

Also, it’s gonna be fun. Cuz that’s a super important thing around here.

Welcome to the That Projector Life Membership

My goal with this membership is to create courses, challenges, and other resources that support Human Design Projectors in business as they learn how to work with their energy. It’s really about creating a space in which you learn practical applications for your unique energy and begin to release your conditioning.

Many of the courses will show you that there’s a different way to run your business, craft a sales page, or launch a product. This is about giving yourself permission to not follow what everyone else is doing and to experiment with what works best for you.

We’ll talk business strategy in the membership, but we’ll also talk about your energy and how you can find a happy mix that’s perfect for you.

Release your conditioning. Step into your power.


Learn biz strategies

We won’t throw biz strategy out the window entirely, but we will modify it to account for our energy.

Explore when you want

You’ll have access to all the resources in the membership, so you can go through them when you have the energy.

Connect with your energy

Most courses in the membership include energy work to support you in fully connecting with your energy.


Have fun!

This is about learning and having fun while growing with your energy. It’s not a list of to-dos.

Take a different approach to business.

Become a member for $77/month and receive access to courses + challenges specifically for Projectors in business.

Courses Currently Available to Members

Wondering what’s inside the That Projector Life Membership? Take a peek at the courses you’ll have access to when you join. (Hover over any image to learn more about the course.)

Membership Roadmap

Want to know what I have planned for the membership for the remainder of 2022? I’ve outlined what I’m currently planning on creating for the rest of the year in this section.

The roadmap is a loose plan that is subject to change at any time. I definitely want to hear what current members want in the membership, and I want to create what I have energy for.

Be aware that I could also create more than what is listed here. This is the minimum I want to create. I’m definitely leaving space open for energy and inspiration to strike.

Launch Like a Projector Challenge

In Quarter 3 (July – September) I plan to create and release this big challenge. It will focus on supporting Projectors through a launch in an aligned way.

Align With Your Business Challenge

In Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec) I want to release another big challenge to help you really align with your business for the new year.

Deconditioning Course

For Quarter 1 of 2023 (Jan – March) I want to create and release two medium resources – a Projector deconditioning course and a course that helps you nurture your clients better.

Rediscover your energy. Change your business.

Join the That Projector Life Membership and connect with your energy like never before.