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This video series will walk you through each of the Four Transformations (or vaiables) in Human Design and what they mean for you.

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Wondering what those four arrows on either side of your Human Design Bodygraph mean? Those are variables – and they tell you how you digest, what environment is best for you, what kind of perception you have, and what your awareness potential is.

But it can be difficult to figure out what all of those arrows mean. The Understand Your Variable video series will help you dive deeper into each of the four arrows so you can finally understand how to work with them to live in alignment with your unique energy.

Variables are next-level HD info. Be confident in your strategy + authority before starting this.

Course Curriculum

A more in-depth breakdown of the lessons

How to Find Your Variables

(Video) Find Your Varaibles WalkthroughThis video shows you three different ways you can find your unique variables. The course includes links to all three of the places in the video.

Understand Your Variables

Understanding Left and Right VariablesThis video walks you through the difference between left and right arrows. It also offers a big-picture view of all of the variables and how they fit together. 


Digestion + The PHSThis video walks you through the first arrow in Human Design. We talk about digestion and determination and how they work to help you nourish your brain and body. We also talk about cognition and how you connect with the world.


Understanding Your EnrionmentThis video walks you through your Human Design environment and why knowing your environment is important for your body and your health.


Understanding Your PerspectiveThis video will cover the Perspective arrow, what you’re meant to see when you’re in alignment, and how to understand and apply it to your life. It’ll also cover what you see when you’re not in alignment.


Discovering Your MotivationThis video will explore your motivation and transference, allowing you to understand how you operate correctly on a deeper level. It’ll also give you a peek at what drives everything on the surface of your design. 

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Dive into the variables video series and discover a whole new layer to Human Design – and how you can use it in your life.

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“Loved your course content a lot. You have a gentle way and nice voice and calmness that makes it easy and nice to listen to.”

Caroline van Zwieten


“Overall your videos have been really insightful and interesting. Thank you!”

Emily Botha

Beauty and clarity

“This course put to rest my confusion about variables. It is the best I’ve found on the subject outside of a paid guide or purchased book. It is laid out in a beautiful manner, logically progressive, and thorough for what it is — an introduction to a vast, nuanced area of Human Design.

That Projector Guide is honest about what it will take to embody and integrate this information, and after watching all the videos twice, I know a third and fourth viewing will benefit me. “

MJ Amelia

After the Series

Let’s look at life on the other side.


This is a basic overview of the Four Transformations in Human Design. Once you’ve processed and integrated each variable, you should…


Understand how you digest food (and information) and what that can look like in your life. (Don’t forget to experiment!)


Know which environment is best for you and why. 


Understand your motivation and transference as well as your perception – what you’re here to see.


Understand the relationship between the Four Transformations and why it’s so important to focus on them one-by-one.

Learn About Your Variables

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