Run your business like a Projector.


Learn how to create sales pages, a content strategy, and an aligned launch using your unique energy.

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The Projector Business Bundle


Practical Biz Strategies for Projectors


The Projector Business Bundle is a collection of 3 different courses specifically for Projectors who run their own online business.

It’s designed to help you tackle some of the biggest questions and frustrations facing Projectors – how to market as a Projector, how to create non-sleazy sales pages, and how to create a successful launch without exhausting yourself.

But the biggest issue we tackle is how to bring your Projector energy into your business and ensure things are aligned.

Because we both know that the traditional business strategies that emphasize consistency, “just doing it”, and cold messaging people aren’t going to work for you. And that’s ok! There’s a better way to do business. And that’s what this bundle is here to help you discover.

Bringing your Projector energy into your business is a labor of love – for yourself, your business, and your clients.

Are you ready to dive into doing business as a Projector? Check out what the Projector Business Bundle can offer you!

The Course Lineup

Check out what’s included in the bundle

Create Sales Pages With Ease

You’ll combine energy work, business strategy, and your Human Design as you learn how to create sales pages in alignment with your energy. You can use this course when you’re ready to create a sales page, and by the time you finish the course, you’ll have a sales page ready to go!

Content Strategy for Projectors

This course covers the basics of content creation, including how to give your content purpose and make it work harder for you. It’s a step-by-step guide to creating a content strategy that actually works with your Projector energy. 

Launch Like a Projector Challenge

Feeling lost when it comes to launching with your energy? This challenge is a start-to-finish guide you can use during a launch so you can work with your Projector energy and launch with ease. No more going it alone – or feeling lost. We’ve got you covered.

Rethink how you do business.

And let your Projector energy shine.

Create Sales Pages With Ease

Course Outline and Structure

Start Here

Start Here – Download the Workbook

Examining Your Mindset

(Text) Lesson 1 – Framing Sales Pages

Get to Know Your Offer

(Text) Lesson 2 – Clarifying Your Offer

(Text) Bonus Lesson – Features Vs. Benefits

(Meditation) Lesson 3 – Connecting With Your Offer’s Energy

Breaking Down the Sales Page

(Text) Lesson 4 – The Anatomy of a Sales Page

(Text) Bonus Lesson – Sales Page Outlines

Video Walkthrough – Unbounce Sales Page Template

Video Walkthrough – PPC Opt-in Page

Video Walkthrough – Heal Your Money Shit Sales Page

Creating the Sales Page

(Text) Lesson 5 – Writing a Sales Page as a Projector

Bonus Lesson – Communicating According to Your Energy

(Text) Lesson 6 – Tackling Mental + Energetic Blocks

(Text) Lesson 7 – How to Make sales Pages Fun

Post-Writing Tips

(Text) Lesson8 – Editing + Formatting Your Sales Page

(Text) Lesson 9 – Checking in Energetically

✔️13 lessons

✔️2 Guided meditations

✔️Course workbook for extra support

✔️A simple guide to creating aligned sales pages

Content Strategy for Projectors

Course Outline and Structure

✔️13 Text lessons

✔️3 Guided meditations

✔️Course workbook for extra support

✔️A step-by-step guide to creating a content strategy

The Foundation

(Text) Lesson 1 – What Is Content Strategy?

(Text + guided meditation) Lesson 2 – Clarifying Your Goals

(Text + guided meditation) Lesson 3 – Knowing Your Audience

Brainstorming Your Content

(Text) Lesson 4 – Setting Up Content Pillars

(Text) Lesson 5 – Brainstorming Content Ideas

Creating Content Like a Pro

(Text) Lesson 6 – How to Create Valuable Content

(Text) Lesson 7 – How to Repurpose Your Content

Putting It All Together

(Text) Lesson 8 – Choosing Your Platforms

(Text) Lesson 9 – Finding Your Content Mix

(Text + guided meditation) Lesson 10 – Creating Pathways With Your Content

(Text) Lesson 11 – Finding Your Frequency

(Text) Lesson 12 – Putting It All Together

(Text) Lesson 13 – Tools for Content Strategy

Launch Like a Projector Challenge

Course Outline and Structure

Start Here



(Text + guided meditation) Clearing + Grounding Your Business

(Text + guided meditation) Setting Intentions

(Text + guided meditation) Setting Goals

Create Your Timeline

Map Your Systems and Flows

Create a Content Strategy


(Text) How to Create A Stellar Opt-In

(Text) How to Create a Valuable FUNnel

(Text) Creating Content Like a Projector

(Text) Creating an Aligned Sales Page

(Text) Repurposing Content Like a Pro


(Text) How to Make Aligned Sales

(Text + guided meditation) Checking in With the Energy

(Text) How to Pivot During a Launch

(Text) How to Rest During Your Launch

Post Launch

(Text) Reflecting on Your Launch

(Text) Celebrating Intentionally

✔️18 lessons

✔️4 Guided meditations

✔️Course workbook for extra support

✔️A start-to-finish guide to help you create an aligned launch

Goals for the Bundle

What will this help you do?


The Projector Business Bundle is designed to help you bring more alignment into your business by being your Projector self. The three courses in this bundle each target a different area where Projectors tend to struggle – sales, content creation, and launching. Each of these courses is meant to be used in an active way. They’re here to serve as companions for you as you create your sales page, create your content strategy, and plan your launch. After finishing this bundle, you should…


Know how to create an aligned sales page (and have one ready to go!)


Have an aligned content strategy that feels good for your energy and supports your business.


Know how to plan a launch in a way that supports your energy – launching with ease is a thing!


Understand how to use your Projector energy in your business, and know how to create a business that reflects your energy.

Bring Alignment to Your Business

Grab the Projector Business Bundle and revolutinize how you run your business.