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Mentoring + Guidance for Projectors

Personalized mentoring that meets you where you are.

Learning that you’re a Projector can be exciting, scary, and confusing, especially when you start trying to implement and integrate what you’re learning. Those feelings can lead to you becoming stuck in analysis paralysis. Or they can lead you to feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to sit and wonder how to connect with my natural energy. Fortunately, I had a mentor to help me, and it made the process so much easier. That’s why I’m here for you – so that you have someone you can turn to when you need a space to process things. 

And I won’t expect you to do things that aren’t aligned with your energy. I’m not going to suggest acting like a Manifestor or a Generator. I’m going to suggest you do what aligns with your authority. Always.

I’m here to help you discover your path and your energy.

What’s Human Design Mentoring?

Human Design Mentoring is where you and I work together in either a one-off session or over a few months. The goal of our time together is to help you become more comfortable with your Projector energy and to help you find the most aligned path for you. 

We’ll determine our goals for each session before we meet. During our actual video chat, we’ll talk about what’s coming up for you, where you’re struggling, and where you need support or guidance. This is about answering your questions and ensuring that you’re learning to integrate and live as a Projector.

How is This Different From a Reading?

During a Human Design Reading, we focus exclusively on your chart. While I will definitely tell you the implications of your chart on your everyday life in the reading, we really focus on making sure that you understand the energy that’s present in your chart. 

During a Human Design Mentoring session, we focus on helping you live as a Projector – so we take a more big-picture view. We also focus on answering any questions you have about your energy or your life. It’s about zooming out and helping you really understand how to work with your energy in a practical setting.

Choose Your Mentoring Session

Single Mentoring Session

During this 60-minute session, you and I will focus on the question or problem that’s bothering you the most. If you have a lot of questions – or a lot of problems – we’ll solve as many as we can in our time together. 


More details on the single session

When you book your call, you’ll be able to tell me what you want to focus on during our time together. However, if things change between the time you book and our call, we can shift the focus of our session to match your needs then.

You will dictate the direction of the session, but I’ll likely jump in with insights and suggestions based on what I’m seeing and how my energy responds to things. You’ll also walk away with some homework and some action steps to help you along your path. (I’m a big fan of homework). If you have questions after our session, you can always email me or message me on social media for support.

Ideally, this is something you book after you’ve had a Human Design Reading – either from me or someone else. You really need to be aware of your chart and have an understanding of it before you start with mentoring.

3-Month Mentoring Package

This package is great if you want some extended guidance and support as you integrate and learn what it means to live as a Projector. You and I will work together for 3 months and will help you connect with your Projector energy and become more comfortable with living as a Projector. 


Per Month
More info on 3-month mentoring

This package includes one 60-minute video chat per month (3 total), one intention-setting call, and Voxer support between calls. Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app that lets you send voice and text messages. It’s a great tool for processing and keeping in touch with me between calls. We’ll be in Voxer talking things out and helping you listen to your energy.

You’ll receive access to all of your call recordings so you can watch them anytime. I’ll also do energy clearings for you when necessary, and I’ll give you homework or action steps when you need them – not only at the end of our calls.

During our intention-setting call, you and I will get clear on your goals for our time together, and from there, I’ll create a plan for our 3 months. 

Interested in booking this package? Click the button to schedule a free consultation so we can talk things out and make sure this is right for you.

6-Month Mentoring Package

This package is similar to the 3-month package, but it’s a little more structured because we’ll be spending more time together. We’ll get clear on your goals and intentions for our time together, and then I’ll create a month-by-month “syllabus” for us so that we can achieve your goals.


Per Month
Find out more here

This package includes one 60-minute mentoring session per month (6 total), one kick-off call during which we’ll set your intentions for our time together, unlimited Voxer access for our time between calls, energy clearings as necessary, and any homework or action steps as needed.

When I create the “syllabus” or outline of our time together, you’re more than welcome to suggest changes as your energy dictates. And we don’t have to stick to that plan. If something changes – we can change the syllabus, too.

Ultimately, our time together is aimed at helping you connect with your unique Projector energy and live as a Projector. How we do that is up to you – we’ll create our milestones together to ensure that you receive the support you need.

You’ll receive access to all of your call recordings and any clearings I do so that you can watch them at any time. 

Interested in booking this package? Click the button to schedule a free consultation so we can talk things out and make sure this is right for you.

Who is this for?

Human Design Mentoring is great if you’re already familiar with your Human Design chart. Ideally, you’ll have had a foundational reading – either from me or from someone else. It’s really important to have a basic understanding of how your energy works so that we can build on it during our mentoring. I’m not opposed to answering questions about how your specific energy works, but we won’t be going through your chart the entire time.

How Does This Work?

First, decide on the mentoring package that you want. If you want the single session, all you need to do is schedule your call on my calendar. Then show up at the time of our call, and we’ll hang out. 

If you decide that you want either the 3 or 6-month mentoring package, then book a free consultation so we can talk about it and make sure it’s a good fit for you. After that consultation, you’ll have the space to allow your authority to decide if this is a fit. If it is, let me know, and we’ll proceed with the next steps, which are: Sign a contract, set up payment, and schedule your intention-setting call.

I’ve got some questions.

If you’re not sure which mentoring package is right for you, check out the questions here. If your question still isn’t answered, feel free to email me or message me on social media.

Do you offer a pay-in-full option for extended mentoring?

Sure do. If you want to pay in full for the 3-month mentoring package, it’s $999 (total savings of $198).

If you want to pay in full for the 6-month mentoring package, it’s $1900 (total savings of $194).

I'm not sure if an extended-mentoring package is right for me.

You can always schedule a single mentoring session. It’ll give you a taste of what an extended mentoring package is like – and you get those burning questions answered. Win-win!

Am I only allowed one single mentoring session?

Absolutely not! You can schedule a single session whenever you need to, regardless of whether or not you’ve already had a single mentoring session. 

The single session is meant to be used when you need it. You can schedule it whenever you feel like you need some extra support. If you need to schedule two single sessions in a week, that’s ok. If you need two sessions in a month – that’s ok, too. 

The single session is meant to be super flexible so that it fits your needs and is available when you need some support.

Why aren't you offering more concrete results for your mentoring?

Great question! For Projectors, I’ve found that integrating and learning how to live as a Projector is less about concrete, tangible things, and is more about internal shifts and changes. A lot of a Projector’s deconditioning and work is internal, and while our outside world DOES shift to reflect those changes, we have to start on the inside. 

Also, I’m not a huge fan of forcing Projectors to try to achieve tangible results – because we have to wait for an invitation. And it’s hard to wait when you feel like you have to achieve this specific result. 

So our time together is less about creating concrete results and more about shifting your energy and creating lasting changes in your life.