Hey! I’m Ardelia Lee.

I’m a Human Design Projector and guide for my fellow Projectors who are interested in learning more about their unique energy and working with it to grow + live a more aligned life.

Join the Projector Pivot Challenge

Looking for something simple (and fun!) that will help you jumpstart your understanding of what it means to be a Projector? That’s what this challenge is all about. 

In just 5 lessons, you’ll learn the basics of your Projector energy and how to work with it. And this challenge is 100% free – all you need to do is implement what you learn – and there’s homework to help with that. 

This challenge is built specifically for Projectors by a Projector who’s gone through this process (several times) to learn, grow, and align with her energy.

Learn how to wait

We’ll talk all about the 3 types of waiting Projectors can do and how (and why) each type is important for your energy.

Understand invitations

This challenge will cover invitations and what they can look like + how they can reach you. It’s a great way to start connecting with your invitations.

Learn how to handle biterness

Bitterness is something that every Projector experiences at some point. This challenge will offer ways you can handle this feeling and what to do when it pops up.

Listen to the Podcast

Looking for an on-the-go resources for Projectors? That Projector Life has you covered with tips, stories, information, and strategies to help you live your best Projector life AND HAVE FUN! (Becuase we should ALL be having more fun.)


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These free resources include the Projector Business Challenge and the Understand Your Variables Series.

Learn on Your Own

Want more in-depth courses that support you in learning about your unique energy? Check these out!