141. How to Handle a Lack of Motivation

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Human Design, Projector Life

Think on This

Motivation isn’t constant. And it’s ok to take breaks and just not be movitaved for a while.

Episode Details

I’m finally back! And I’m talking briefly about where I’ve been before we dive into the episode. We’re actually blending some psychology (don’t worry – nothing scary) with Human Design. We’ll start out by looking at the motivation cycle I found through Noom. I’ll talk about each phase and how it can show up in our lives (with both business and Human Design examples).

Then I’ll talk about how we can identify which stage of the motivational cycle we’re in and how we can work through that, especially when it comes to a lack of motivation. However, it’s important to remember that motivation isn’t consistent – even if you’re an energy Projector. It’s also necessary sometimes to simply allow yourself to not be motivated. We’ll talk about finding the proper balance for you at the end of the episode.

Episode Show Notes

Looking for the links and resouces mentioned in the episode? They’re all here!

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