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We’re kicking off 2024 with an episode all about recognizing yourself. I often get asked how Projectors can encourage others to recognize them (and we talk about this question and its rather difficult answer in this episode). But I rarely (until just recently) get asked how Projectors can recognize themselves.

So we’re taking a dive into Projector recognition from the perspective of the self – as in recognizing yourself. Because Projectors can definitely recognize themselves, and I certainly encourage Projectors to do so. (I mean, if you don’t recognize yourself, can you really live your design?)

We’ll talk about what it mean to recognize yourself, what that looks like, and how you can go about actually recognizing your energy. And keep in mind that this journey is highly personal, and how you feel recognized may differ from how I feel recognized. I do offer two different examples from my own experience recently of how I was able to recognize myself – in both a joyful situation and a more melancholic one.

So listen into the episode and let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear what recognizing yourself looks like for you!

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