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Unlock your magic and transform your life with this first step: a personalized 1:1 Human Design Reading.

You’re More Than a Chart

And you need someone who gets that.


When you and I sit down to go through the foundations of your Human Design chart, we’ll do so with the understanding that you’re a unique human being. And because of that, we’ll talk about how to apply your chart to your life – exactly as it is now.

Each reader has a different approach to readings. When I look at a chart in a Foundational Reading, I focus on the big picture and how all the pieces fit together. We’ll look at your strategy and authority, defined centers and channels, and your undefined centers.

As we move through each area of your chart, we’ll talk about the energy present in your chart and how it comes alive – what it can look like in your life. I definitely want you to ask questions and make connections of your own. (Also, interruptions are always welcome!)

Learning about your energy is the first step. The second step is how to move forward with that knowledge.

Let’s Break This Down

What are we really looking at during the reading?

Strategy + Authority

Your strategy and authority are the foundation that literally everything else in Human Design is built on. It’s crucial that you have a deep understanding of both elements and how you can use them in your life. If you don’t already understand your strategy and authority, we’ll take some time to dive into them and how you can begin to work with them.

Defined Centers

Your defined centers are where you have your consistent energy (though we’ll talk about what that means specifically for you). This impacts the rest of your chart – and your energy. 

Defined Channels

The channels are the lines that connect your defined centers, and if you’re a Projector, you’re here to be known for your channels. (Also, your channels can give you a good idea of what you’re here to do.)

We’ll talk about each of your channels and the energy it holds. We’ll also look at the circuitry of your channels and how that impacts your chart – and your life. (This is where we sometimes see condundrums. I love condundrums!)

Undefined Centers

You undefined centers are places where you take in the energy of others. We’ll definitely spend time here because it’s important to understand how these open centers show up in your life and what you can do to begin distancing yourself from them. (Instead of acting out what isn’t yours, we want you to realize what isn’t yours and let it go – or simply observe it.)

If Time - Profile

If, after we’ve moved through all of the above, we’ll talk about your profile and how it impacts your chart – and your life. However, I recommend spending more time on the above elements, especially if you’re a newbie. Those really are the foundation on which everything else is built.

Learn Your Design.

Live Your Design.

Schedule a Human Design Reading and begin moving deeper into your understanding of who you are – and what you’re here to do.

Hear From Previous Clients

(Happy dance time!)

Human design doesn’t have to be what you’re doing wrong – or looking for what you’re doing wrong. It’s an affirmation that you do know yourself and you know what you’re doing.

I helped Shelby with her mindset through HD – affirming that she knows what she’s doing and that she does know herself. I was able to reflect a lot back to her. She felt seen – in a positive, affirming light. Was very empowering.

Shelby Melissa

Human Design Projector
“Ardelia’s reading was magical.  She is one of the good ones.  Very genuine and warm in her approach and explains everything is a way that is easy to understand.

Her reading validated so much of what I have been sitting with, and allowed me to see from new perspectives.  What previously felt like areas of ‘stuckness’ became opportunities and growth.  I highly recommend her if for a chart reading.”

Sophie McCollum


“I consulted Ardelia for help balancing my hectic career. I felt out of alignment but just could not figure out how else I could do things.

Ardelia helped me understand my natural inclinations and how to tap into my projector strengths rather than falling into the same traps again and again. I am forever grateful, Ardelia!”

Joachim Lépine



Will you record the reading?

Yep! Hitting record is the first thing I’ll do after we’ve settled in. I can usually send over the recording the same day as well. Once you have the replay, you’re welcome to watch it as many times as you like. There’s no expiration date! 

Can I come prepared with questions?

Yep! And if you’d like, you’re more than welcome to share those questions with me before the reading – either when you book your call or through email before our chat. I’d like to have your questions beforehand, if possible. That way I can be sure to prepare for them.

What will the Foundational Reading cover?

The Foundational Human Design Reading will cover the basics of your chart – the big-picture need-to-know info. 

We’ll cover your strategy and authority, defined centers and channels, and your undefined centers. If we have time, we can touch on your profile and Incarnation Cross a bit.

What if I already know about my foundational chart?

If you feel super confident about all the things a Foundational Human Design Reading will cover, go ahead and reach out to me. I’m happy to chat about what you’re interested in and whether or not that’s something I can provide. You can send me an email at [email protected]

Can I ask questions after the reading?

Absolutely! I totally understand not having questions in the moment…and then hopping off the call only to have the perfect question pop into your mind. Also, we all process on different timelines. So if you end up having a question a week after your reading (or 3 weeks or 6 months), feel free to reach out! You can email me at [email protected]

Ready to dive in?

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