2. The 5 Human Design Types

Oct 26, 2018 | Human Design

The second episode of That Projector Life sees us diving into the 5 Human Design types – Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Projector, and Reflector. 

Each type has its own unique energy and strategy (a.ka. how to use your energy in the world). We’ll walk through the strategy for each type as well as common hangups that each type experiences. 

This is definitely a Human Design 101 episode. I’m laying the foundation so we can build on it in the future. Feel free to take notes (in fact, I recommend it). And come back to this if the info seems overwhelming at first. This is a lot to digest. 

I also recommend finding out which Human Design type you are before you listen to the episode – that way, you’ll know when to pay extra close attention. 


✏️ Show Notes

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? Check out Karen Curry’s book Understanding Human Design. It’s a great way to kick-start your Projector journey (in addition to listening to this podcast, of course.) ?

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? Meet Your Host

Ardelia Lee - Projector, Compass, and Adventurer

Ardelia Lee - Projector, Compass, and Adventurer

Hey! I’m Ardelia (pronounced ar-DEAL-ya). I’m basically a walking, talking energetic compass and a Human Design projector on a journey to understand + fully experience what it means to be a projector.

And I’m here to support and guide you, fellow projector, as you start discovering and working with your Human Design to create a life (or a business) that’s sustainable, fulfilling, and enjoyable. In short, I’m here to help you be an aligned projector and to release all the conditioning and pressure that you’ve experienced.