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We’re asking the wrong question. We shouldn’t be asking “Am I a good Projector?”. We should be asking “Does this feel aligned for me?” “Does this work for my energy?”

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We’re doing something a little different in this episode. We’re looking at this idea of a “good” Projector and then blowing it up – debunking it – throwing it in the trash – whatever you want to call it.

This episode covers a lot of different issues that – to me at least – impact this idea of a “good” Projector. We’ll talk about Projectors and work, the high standards that we as Projectors put on ourselves, and the fact that our value isn’t tied to them.

We’ll also talk about how Projectors as a type tend to be misunderstood and disempowered by the other types. I’ll be honest – this episode was emotional and heavy for me, and I didn’t expect that.

I also want to be clear that I harbor no ill-will towards anyone. This episode is me expressing my frustration with things I’ve seen and realized in my HD journey so far. And I want to share these realizations with you so they can inform your journey.

Episode Show Notes

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About Ardelia

I’m a Human Design guide, pathfinder, and energetic compass.

I’m here to support and guide you, fellow Projector, as you familiarize yourself with your design and then learn how to actually be a Projector. It’s time to live out your design and stop trying to be the manifestor (or generator) you aren’t.

I’ll help you release your conditioning and walk with you as you begin to rediscover yourself and your energy so you can finally create and live the life you were designed for.

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