74. Understanding Mental Pressure + the Head Center

Jun 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Our That Projector Life episode this week is all about the head center. It’s one that the majority (about 70%) of the population has undefined, which creates for some interesting dynamics when those who do have their head center defined are around.

The head center is one of the two pressure centers in Human Design (the other being the root center). So it’s no surprise that our head center can become a source of tension and anxiety for many of us – and potentially one that we’re unaware of.

So we’re taking a deep dive into the head center this week and talking about its function, how its energy works, and the three types of mental pressure that exist in it. We also go into the three channels that connect the head center to the ajna and talk about how those “flavor” your mental processes (if you have them).

Also – to my mental Projector friends (or those of you with defined head centers) – feeling confused, overwhelmed with ideas, and just generally lost? It’s all part of your process, believe it or not. I realize that may not be comforting, but there it is.

That confusion will resolve itself in its own time – or not – whichever is right for you.

Want to learn more about the head center? Listen to the episode!

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