124. How Your Mindset Impacts Your Chart Interpretation

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Astrology, Human Design

Think on This

Where in your chart are there lessons that you can learn? Where are there potential challenges you can handle?

Episode Details

This episode really revolves around the old nature vs nurture debate, but we’re looking at it from an astrological and energetic standpoint. We’re bringing together astrology and Human Design to talk about how our mindsets impact our chart interpretation. We’ll talk about my idea of inherent chart neutrality – the idea that an astrological or Human Design chart is neither good nor bad. We’ll also talk about how we react to difficult or challenging energies and how that can impact our charts. This is all about bringing more awareness to our mindset when we sit down with our charts – because our mindset is going to impact how we view the information and the energy in our chart. We can choose to use our charts as tools to help us grow, or as an excuse (or a cushion). And our mindset is one of our biggest factors when looking at charts.

Episode Show Notes

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