159. How to Explore Human Design Gates

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Human Design

Think on This

Human Design gates are like onions – and people. They have layers that impact how they operate on the surface. Take some time to dive into those depths and put the pieces together.

Episode Details

In this episode of That Projector Life, we’re doing a deeper dive into the gates and how to understand them. I’ll walk you through the process I use when looking at gates in a Human Design chart so you can begin to understand the deeper impact that your gates can have. We’ll look at the layers present in each gate and move through the most noticeable ones – the gate itself, the planet(s) in the gate, and the line number. As we move through each layer, we’ll talk about how the one below it impacts the big picture and how the energy of the gate plays out. After listening to this episode, take some time to move through each of your gates and both explore and contemplate how that gate shows up in your life given the layers we’ve explored here. You may have some major ah-has as you do this work.

Episode Show Notes

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