160. Revisiting the Planets in Human Design

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Astrology, Human Design

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Because we just talked about the layers of Human Design gates, I wanted to revisit the planets in Human Design. The planets play an important role in how we experience the energy of our gates and channels. They take the overall energy present and add a little extra flavor to it. This is why two people with the same gate can experience that energy in completely different ways. 

Understanding how the planets influence your gates and channels can help you reach even deeper understanding when it comes to your energy and how you can work with it. We’ll go through each of the planets as they appear in the Human Design chart and talk about the influence they have on the gate they’re in. We’ll also touch on the Design and Personality aspects of the planets and gates so you can begin to explore that in this larger context.

This episode is meant to be more contemplative in nature. There isn’t going to be a list or a process for you to follow. Simply listen to the description of the planets and how they can impact your gate. Then, reflect on how that planet shows up in your specific gate(s). It may take a while for that reflection to happen, though. I’m still working my way through some of my gates and planets.

(Hint: If your gate is off an undefined center, it may take a little longer to understand that energy and how it operates in you, especially if you’re dealing with a gate in your Design – the red.)

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