185. Exploring the 5th Line’s Impact With Miran

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Human Design, Projector Life

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In this episode of That Projector Life, I have a fantastic chat with Miran, a 5/1 Self-Projected Projector. And our conversation touches on a little of everything. Miran shares a lot of his experience being a Self-Projected Projector and how he’s learned to decondition and step into being himself. He also touches on his experience of being a 5/1 profile.

It was so neat to listen to Miran share how his 5th line show up in his life and how he’s handled it. I learned a lot listening to him speak on these experiences. If you have a 5th line profile, or if you know someone who does, what Miran shares will be incredibly helpful.

We also talked about the not-self and how Miran has learned to clarify what is and isn’t his. At the end, he walks us through an exercise we can do to help move away from energy that isn’t ours and back into our peace and power. It was so powerful to hear!

If you want to connect with Miran – and check out his not-self course – all of his links are listed below.

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Guest Spotlight – Miran

Miran guides people back to silence. As a 5/1 self-projected projector he uses simple yet effective techniques to do so.

Through his extensive training in meditation over the last 15 years he has distilled easy techniques to accept and handle emotions so that the heart opens again. Awareness of the shadow and strong boundaries are at the core of his work to create the space in which we can thrive in the rhythms of our nature.


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