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Communicating With the Throat Center

We’re continuing our Back to Basics Summer School Series with the Throat Center. This incredibly important center is all about communication, expression, and manifestation. 

So how does the Throat Center affect your design? What do the gates in the center mean? And how can you use your throat to speak your truth? 

Join me in this episode to find out. 

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Invitations 101

The most popular podcast episode of That Projector Life so far is all about invitations! A huge part of being a Human Design Projector is waiting for the invitation. But that’s easier said than done…because HOW are you supposed to wait? 

That’s exactly what we cover in this episode. Learn the basics of invitations with this episode. Listen in!


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70. How to Wait When the World Doesn’t

The Projector strategy is "wait for the invitation." That's easier said than done, especially in a world that doesn't wait.  But it IS possible for Projectors to wait, regardless of what the rest of...

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69. How Your Definition Affects You

We're getting back to Human Design 101 with this episode. And I can't believe it's taken me soooooo long to get to the subject of Definition. But, here we are, and I have a ton of great information...

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67. How Projectors Borrow Energy

Projectors are experts when it comes to borrowing energy, even if we don’t realize it. Our penetrating aura makes it easy for us to energetically connect with and borrow from other people. In...

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