191. How to Make Money as a Projector

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Human Design, Projector Life

Episode Details

In this episode, we’re talking about a topic that pretty much every Projector I talk to asks me about: Money. Because making money as an aligned Projector is both straightforward and non-linear (rather like being a Projector, right?). It’s possible for Projectors to make money as their true selves – but it will likely take some reprogramming. And that’s where this episode comes in. We’ll talk about some steps you can take to begin shifting your understanding of money and how you relate to it. We’ll look at your mindset and your energy around money and talk about how those impact your Projector journey. We’ll also talk about how our Projector strategy and authority come into play when it comes to making money. And yes, we’ll also talk about following your bliss because that’s really important, too. I’m under no illusion that this single episode will completely overhaul your relationship with money. That’s not what it’s here for. This episode is meant to plant some seeds – to help you change your perspective and to begin a new understanding of how your Projector energy is tied to money. Take what I say here with a grain of salt and find what works for you.

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