190. Human Design and the Power of Active Listening With Victoria Fragoso

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Human Design, Projector Life

Episode Details

Join me and my guest, Victoria Fragoso, as we talk about all things listening. We haven’t talked much about listening on the podcast, and this episode aims to remedy that. Listening is such an important skill to develop. It enables us to really see – and hear – the other person. Being a good listener makes people feel like they matter – and that’s an incredible gift to offer.

 As Projectors, we’re so often convinced that we know what to do and what others need, but it’s also important to actually stop and listen to them. Victoria has fantastic suggestions that Projectors can use to help us hone our listening skills.

And she shares her insights in actionable ways. Hearing Victoria speak about the importance of listening was so fun. I walked away with a lot to think about – and improve – when it comes to being a better listener.

 Ready to brush up on your listening skills? Start by listening to the podcast.

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Guest Spotlight – Victoria Fragoso

Tacoma singer-songwriter Victoria Fragoso blends folk, indie, alternative and pop to create a moving soundscape. Don’t miss her live on Instagram every Tuesday at 5 PM PT @toyamakesmusic interviewing local musicians and performing live.


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