146. How to Choose a Human Design Teacher

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Human Design, Projector Life

Think on This

You deserve to have a mentor who creates a safe space for you, who recognizes you, and who really listens to you. If you feel your mentor isn’t doing that, it may be time to find a new one.

Episode Details

There are so many people out there teaching and talking about Human Design. How can you possibly find one that’s aligned for you? That’s what this episode is all about. Everyone has a different approach to Human Design, and that’s a good thing! It means you can find a mentor who aligns with you.

But what factors should you consider when making this decision? (Besides your authority, of course!) Perhaps a better phrasing would be what factors should you allow your authority to feel into? We’ll explore some of the most important factors I recommend considering, especially when you’re thinking about joining a certification program or even just purchasing a reading.

Remember that everyone’s approach will be different, and it’s important for you to feel safe, recognized, and heard when you’re working with someone. So keep that in mind as we dive into this episode. Even if someone checks all the boxes, but they feel off, trust your energy. (And definitely feel free to apply all of these factors to me, too. I’m not exempt.)

Let’s get into how you can choose a Human Design teacher!

Episode Show Notes

Looking for the links and resouces mentioned in the episode? They’re all here!

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