178. How I’m Using the Gene Keys

by | Apr 26, 2023 | Human Design

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In this episode, I’m sharing the breakthrough that I experienced as a result of stepping back and working with the Gene Keys. I started looking at the gates in my Incarnation Cross (what the Gene Keys calls the Activation Sequence) and had a huge shift in my energy and mindset. I’ll also talk briefly about what the Gene Keys system is and how I believe it pairs really well with Human Design. Then I’ll go into how I worked with these specific Gene Keys and what I experienced as a result of this. The Gene Keys system tends to be a bit more contemplative than Human Design is, and as a result, I struggled to get into it the first time I tried. However, I listened to my energy and followed the flow. That led me to pick up my Gene Keys books and contemplate the energy of my gates. As a result of that, I’m able to share with you the experience and insights that I gleaned. If you’re interested in going deeper into your energy, I would recommend the Gene Keys. Also, keep in mind that I’m just scratching the surface with this episode and the work I’ve done with the Gene Keys so far. So please take everything here with a grain of salt.

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