179. How to Support Your Manifestor With Holly Maree

by | May 3, 2023 | Human Design

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Join me in welcoming our first Manifestor guest to the show! Holly Maree is a Splenic Manifestor, and she’s created an amazing space for other Manifestors (and those who love them) to learn about what it means to be a Human Design Manifestor.

In this episode, Holly shares her journey and offers an amazing insight into this unique Human Design type. She offers some great tips for how we can support Manifestors and encourage their energy. If you have a Manifestor kiddo at home, Holly’s got you. She has a Manifestor bean of her own, and she shares some strategies that she uses with her own child to help him become an aligned, healthy Manifestor.

It was such a treat to sit down with Holly and listen to her wisdom and experience. She even talks about the unique relationship that Manifestors and Projectors have (as well as the differences between our auras). I learned so much from Holly, and I would love to invite you to check out her links below, especially if you have a Manifestor in your life.

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Attract Epic Invitations – Learn how to manifest with your Projector energy and attract the aligned invitations you desire.

Get a Human Design Reading – Learn more about your unique energy by booking a reading with me.

Get Personalized Guidance – Looking for some 1:1 Human Design Mentoring: See what I have to offer here.

Guest Spotlight – Holly Maree

Holly Herbig is the world’s only specialist in Human Design Manifestors, facilitating the official online teaching community exclusively for Manifestors.

She is a certified Human Design and Gene Keys teacher and a business veteran with 15+ years experience in multi million and multi 6 figure businesses under her belt. She is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Breathwork, EFT and meditation practitioner, a Reiki 2 healer and a certified Trauma Informed Life and Success Coach.


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