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Recognition for Projectors is deep and includes the whole of our being. It’s seeing you for YOU, for your unique energy. Validation, while helpful, tends to be more of an ego boost – seeing your contributions and their impact.

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What’s the difference between recognition and validation? We’re diving into that very question in this episode! Recognition is crucial to Projectors. It’s like air to us. We need it to really step into our full Projector superpowers and impact those around us. But where does validation come in? Does it matter? And isn’t it basically another form of recognition?

I’m walking through both recognition and validation – talking about how they’re similar and the differences between them. So if you’ve often wondered about this – recognition vs validation – tune into the episode to learn my view on the matter. We’ll also talk about how not to get caught up in chasing external validation (because that’s not a good use of our energy).

Tune into the episode to learn more!

Episode Show Notes

Looking for the links and resouces mentioned in the episode? They’re all here!

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I’m a Human Design guide, pathfinder, and energetic compass.

I’m here to support and guide you, fellow Projector, as you familiarize yourself with your design and then learn how to actually be a Projector. It’s time to live out your design and stop trying to be the manifestor (or generator) you aren’t.

I’ll help you release your conditioning and walk with you as you begin to rediscover yourself and your energy so you can finally create and live the life you were designed for.

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